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About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

At Carpet Cleaning Rockville Pros we believe that your carpeting is a reflection of the pride you take in your home, which is why we offer you the very best in carpet cleaning services because we know that your home is special to you and enjoy it looking it’s best. Just what makes our services so special? Simply put, we love what we do and we enjoy making our customers lives easier and more convenient so we offer them the best services we can provide including:

Experienced and Trained Carpet Cleaning Technicians

Unlike many carpet cleaning companies who hire a new employee give them a few minutes training on how to use the carpet cleaning equipment our cleaning technicians are trained not only in how to use our state of the art equipment, but also in how to remove those stubborn stains and odors so that they can complete the job they are hired to do the way you want it done. Some of our carpet cleaning technicians have referred to their training as carpet cleaning boot camp.

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We Only Use State of the Art Equipment

In addition to well trained carpet cleaning technicians we only the state of the art cleaning equipment in our company. Not only is our equipment designed to deal with the toughest cleaning problems when it is brand new, but we make sure that it is regularly inspected and maintained to perfect working condition.


Our Organic Cleaning Products

As consumers ourselves we know the dangers that many of those chemical cleaners pose to you, your children and pets and for that reason we choose to use only the very best organic cleaning products when cleaning your home. These products are extremely tough on dirt, but gentle on carpet, rug and upholstery fabrics which results in helping to not only keep your family healthy, but prolong the life of your carpets or upholstered fabrics.

We Do Both Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We know that keeping your business clean is as important as keeping your home clean, which is why we offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. To make our services more convenient we not only offer same day cleaning, but also keep extended hours from 8 to 8. Of course, we understand that even with our extended hours, it may not be possible to have those commercial carpets cleaned between those hours, so we are more willing to work our commercial customers to clean their carpets at a time that is convenient to your business.

Try our Free Consultation

Unlike many other carpet cleaning services that expect you to hire them sight unseen, we want our potential customers to have the opportunity to make sure that our services are right for them. In order to achieve that goal we offer all of our potential customers a free consultation. During your consultation we will show you are cleaning equipment and cleaning products, discuss with you are cleaning methods, listen to your individual and specific cleaning needs and tell you how we can meet them. We will also offer you a free estimate for our services based on your needs. That way you can rest assured that our services are right for you before you hire us.

To set up a free consultation or carpet cleaning appointment or to learn more about our carpet cleaning services just give us a call at (301) 232-3670 or talk to our online representative.

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